Managing Time

Time. How can one manage his time? Everyone is busy chasing time, trying to do as much as possible and live in the moment. When there's so much to do in a big city like Los Angeles or New York, the question repeats itself. As the popular saying in Latin goes "Carpe Diem" or translated into English "Seize the Day", it becomes hard to do so much in a tight schedule. Now don't get me wrong; you shouldn't be anxious of tomorrow,but you shouldn't be of the present either. Time is used for tracking length, not for causing anxiety so use it wisely.

Everyone seems anxious and uneasy at times. Some are chasing too many things simultaneously, but end up unsuccessful in all their work because they rush and want to finish each task quickly. The job turns out half-done and sloppy causing the person to dedicate more time to finish it properly than if the person were to take it slowly and pace himself. For instance, an architect cannot rush to construct a building. He needs to speculate every single detail, otherwise the building would be unstable to function in. The moral of the story is to just take your time and do it right the first time rather than bluntly redoing it again.

With summer coming along, one can already spend time at the beach thanks to California's natural,warm weather. So why not manage time wisely and get away from the big city. Even if you don't live by the coastal lines, you can still find peace by the luscious country side. Take it slow for once and you will see how much there is to life than just speeding through it as if in a carpool lane (Californians). Proceed in peace and you will find peace. Proceed with speed and you will reap anxiety. Whether it's a moment, a day, a week, just remember to do whatever is it you do precisely and passionately and you will see the difference in the final quality.