What Real Men Should Be Driving

Undeniably, driving is an essential part of life in the twenty-first century. What is it that you should be driving? Here are my recommendations without going into broad detail. (no stats)


BMW is known as a luxury sedan, it's quite exquisite despite its maintenance costs and capricious nature. BMW is the type of car you dream about buying when you're a teenager. It's the car you raced and drifted in when you played Need for Speed as a kid. Now you've grown and it's time to drive the real thing. Truly, BMW has amazing handling and its rims just yell out 'luxury' and 'prestige' when turning a street. It impresses even the average pedestrian, who doesn't even remotely care about cars. Germans do,indeed, know what we luxury lovers like. Its speed and power might sometimes be too much for the Average Joe. It is the king of all drift cars on the racetrack.



The Ford Mustang

There's something about the Mustang,quite strange. It roars masculinity and screams like an alpha male. (Perhaps because of its loud exhaust? ) Nonetheless, when you see this car rolling down the block, you know that someone tough is riding the beast, someone who doesn't take s#!t from anyone,someone who can get any girl he desires in any room he's in. You can choose from either the newer models or the 1960's Classics. The American Brand still preserves its 1967 vintage style of a sports car even to this day.




The Maserati

 The Italians (here we go) have a lot to offer if you can match their price tags. The Maserati standouts because not many are able to afford such a luxury vehicle. If BMW was a level 1 luxury, Maserati bumps things up a level. I, personally, admire the exhaust sound of a Maserati when revved and its swift turns on street corners. The Maserati,undeniably, looks good and anyone driving it is seen much more prestigious and youthful than in any other sports car.



The Lamborghini

No explanation needed.